Just how much have I lost?

Friday, September 23, 2011

getting a little help

Well my state has this program where you sign up to get healthier. They give you a health coach who calls you every few weeks to check up on you. they give you a menu to follow and I think some exercises to try. Also I went today to get all my cholesterol numbers tested for free through this program as well. If I follow it for the year i get 200 bucks in June. I don't even need to lose weight just keep talking to my health coach. And who doesn't love $200!

According to them I should be at 159 pounds. I am currently at 183. My BMI is 28. It used to be 40 so I am happy about that. i would love to be 159 pounds. I think the last time I was in the 150's was probably in 9th grade.

I am hoping this will put me back on some kind of accountability with myself.
The good news is all of my cholesterol is 180 and my good kind is 86 the goal is to be over 60. My blood pressure is 117/66. And the bad cholesterol was low also so I am good there. My only problem is the weight.

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