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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Need some variety

I have been following the World according to Egg face and she seems like she has it all figured out. Different ideas for food and all kinds of protein drinks. I sometimes feel like I am just eating lots of the same foods and then resorting back to my old habits when I get bored.
My normal day = protein coffee for breakfast
no snacks before lunch
salad with chicken for lunch or a frozen lite meal
protein bar as snack
dinner whatever I make- tonight was franks and beans (I know terrible but I didn't take the chicken out)
munching till I go to bed -tonight I had some left over birthday cake

SO.... I ordered a variety pack of the Tornio sugar free syrups in hopes of making some new shakes or coffees that i will enjoy and get back to basics. Tonight I literally ate 30 chips, now I know they were baked but still what a way to consume 300 calories in 10 minutes.
I have been trying not to buy things like that because I know I have no will power. But we had my 3 year olds birthday party this weekend and of course there are left overs.
Then this Friday my teenager is throwing a surprise party for her friend, which means once again junk food in the house.

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