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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I used a straw

I was dying of thirst and decided to buy a strawberry lemonade from Aunt Annies. Of course I didn't get a pretzel I knew that would be deadly. But I did use the straw. I have in the past and it really didn't make a difference, and they are so fun to drink out of.
Well I had a few sips, and then a few more and was feeling good. I was out in the car doing some christmas shopping and just enjoying a night out with no kids or husband holding me back drinking my lovely lemonade. When all of a sudden I got the feeling. I was like ooh I got to spit. I dug out some napkins out the glove box and just spit for a few minutes. I knew I couldn't get sick from it since I hadn't eaten anything in like two hours. Well I was mistaken. After a few red lights, I burped but it was so not a burp. I threw up all over myself in the car. I tried to catch most of it in a napkin but was unsuccessful. I spent the next few minutes trying to wipe it off my coat and luckily it was water repellent as I still had to go to AC Moore.
All through the store I was hoping I didn't miss a spot. I know gross but how often do I have the opportunity to shop without kids? Never.
What I learned is that straws are now off limits for me.


  1. Nothing like urping in the car! Sorry that happened :(

  2. Oh, no. That's my biggest fear! When I was pregnant I threw up on myself in the car, luckily I was on my way home at the time. :'(