Just how much have I lost?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am one slow runner

So in January of this year I did my new years resolutions/goals. They were to lose 75 pounds and do 3 5k's. Well I obviously am not going to hit the 75 mark in the next month but I wanted to at least do the 5k part of it.
Two weeks ago I drove to a 5k by myself and was determined to finish. I looked around and saw a really old man, a lady pushing a stroller and like a 8 year old kid. I figured I could easily beat them. WRONG. I was the official last person to finish the race. I did it in 46 minutes which I was proud of. I thought if i finish in less than 50 minutes I will call it a victory. I felt pretty good. When I went over the finish line I cried. I just couldn't believe I did it. Now I won't talk about the way they were picking up the cones after I passed them since I was so slow. Or how some people finished the 5k turned around and did it again- still beating me.

Fast forward two weeks and my next 5k. I figured if I could cut my time down by a minute I would be happy. What I hadn't planned on is how frustrating it is when everyone even people doing the 5k walk pass you. I started off with a 77 year old man who I knew was going to walk. I foolishly thought if I can just keep up with this guy I'll be good. Well when they blew the whistle he was gone! I mean like gone! Bad strategy I thought let me find someone in a wheelchair or something.

I don't have the official results but I know I was last again in the runners, and probably only ahead of 1 or 2 of the 5k walkers. Just sad that my run/walk is slower than most peoples regular walk.

I am supposed to do another 5k next weekend. Right now I am really not feeling it. I mean being last 3 times in a row really is sort of defeating.

In other news I got a fill on Wednesday right before Thanksgiving. I had to, otherwise I would have to wait another month when I had off. And I was eating like crazy, I ate a muffin, and 1/2 cheesteak with a roll with no problem. I gained some weight back and I refused to gain anymore especially over the upcoming holidays.

This fill seems to be doing the trick at least for now. Lots of gurgling so I know to stop before I eat too much. It has stopped me in my tracks from going to eat another bite or grabbing a cookie on the way out the door.

Hoping this sensation lasts for a long time and I can lose more than I have in the last few months which is like only 3 pounds.

guess I have rambled a bit too much.


  1. Hey... Good for you doing the 5Ks... I am so proud of you, it sounds like you have done better each time. I miss you Roomie!*M*

  2. Good to hear that! I'm sure you'll be able to do more the next few weeks. Phoenix lap band surgeons says that this progression of workout/exercise was the most intense time to loosen wright. I guess, you'll really work hard more.