Just how much have I lost?

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween is not a good holiday

I used to love Halloween. I would buy all my candy a few weeks before the Halloween only to eat them all before the 31st and then having to go back out and buy more for the actual trick or treaters. Then of course all of the wonderful leftovers to sanck on throughout the day and night. Some years I would just buy tootsie rolls thinking that would be a healthier candy but eating them by the handful probably not.

This year I didn't buy the candy till the day of to avoid snacking and I bought a candy I don't love. The kids however got tons of candy and they are in my thoughts all the time. I haven't gone crazy just a few at lunch and one when i came home. How I was able to lose 2 pounds I don't know. Maybe it is becuase I am not eating that much otherwise. I took 3 bites of a chickensalad wrap from Chickfilla and rushed to the toilet to throw up. But man was it good before it came back up.

I am just so excited to step on the scale and see 189. I mean call up Cyndi Lauper I am in the 80's!!!! I don't think I have seen the 80's since the early 90's. I just am thrilled.

I was Thanksgiving around the corner and how different it will be this year. I normally live for thanksgiving but this year half the stuff I normally eat, i won't be able to get it down.

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