Just how much have I lost?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Size 12

Yep that's it I said it.  I can fit a size 12 dress!  I have not worn that size since 9th grade.  Even though I have weighed less than 170 as an adult I never had a flat stomach which meant always going up to a 14. 
I tried on all my t-shirts today and they just hang on me and don't show my new figure at all.  Which means only one thing.  SHOPPING.  Kohls, and JC Penny here I come.  I bought 5 dresses, 3 t-shirts, and a  pocket book.  I probably would have bought more if my 7 year old wasn't begging me to leave every three seconds.  Now I need shoes.  I have no shoes that match any of the dresses.  My old wardrobe consisted of khakis or other pants and slip on loafers.  Loafers and dresses are really not a good look on anyone. 
I didn't try on any pants since I really am not supposed to be wearing anything around my waist just yet.  The compression garment is still a pain to get on and wear but I do feel better when I wear it. 

Last week I went in to the ob and she said I have another 2 more weeks before I get the green light on you know what.  She described the what if I just try it out possibility.  'your uterus is underneath your bowel.  now that is gone.  So you will be admitted into the ER because your bowel is now coming out, which will mean they will make a vertical incision from your breast bone down to your groin to remove your bowel.  They will then flush it out and put it back inside you.  Hopefully you will not die from the infection.' 
After that description of what could happen I decided I will just keep everything locked up down there from my husband for another two weeks.  The doctor suggested I tell my husband to sleep on the sofa if he gets tempted to try anything.

Still can't wait to wear underwear that matches my bra.  I got nothing on underneath the compression garment.  And some afternoons when I come home I just go commando. 


  1. congrats on the size 12 - I can't wait to get there!

  2. Wow!!! Congrats!! I can't believe that possible outcome for the horizontal tango is to get completely bisected - good choice to wait it out ;)