Just how much have I lost?

Monday, October 1, 2012

two months

I finally called the doctor to get an unfill.  do you know when they can fit me in? Two months.   what the heck? 
These are the things that have caused me to call
- I am still sleeping on 2 pillows to keep my head elevated. If I lay flat I make gurgling noise
- I can't lay on my stomach ever
- I did a little burp where something came up in my sleep again
- I am throwing up like four or five times a week after eating chicken, eggs, noodles, etc
- I am having to eat a lot of crunchy foods because they go down easy
- my hair is falling out
- it takes me a long time just to drink anything, which means i am not getting all my liquids in

So all of these things get me to call.  Why did it take me so long? Because I am terrified that I will gain weight when I do.  even with all the things above and the small amount of food I still have not lost a pound in fact this morning I am at 181.  How is that even possible.  I have been hovering around 177 - 179 for months.

I told them I needed to be seen sooner.  They said I need to call back and speak to the office manager.
I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow.

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  1. Yikes!! Two months?! That is so irresponsible of them! So glad you are going to call the office manager. Definitely get this fixed as soon as you can! Sending best wishes for the office manager to fit you in this week!