Just how much have I lost?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

on the banded front

So I am in what you would call a plateau. Yes, I have been gaining and losing the same pound for the past 4 weeks. I go up to 198, then back to 197, and over and over again.
I stopped weighing myself a million times a day and only do it once in the morning.

This is the time if I was doing weight watchers I would just say forget it and go back to eating whatever I wanted because "no matter what I eat the scale doesn't move" Right, I mean how many times have we all said that.
Well this time I can't because I still have lots of restriction. And this really is my first plateau so I should be happy. I also keep hearing about people who have hit their 90 or 100 pounds right at about a year. I wanted to hit 75 this year and I think that is possible if I just keep doing what I am doing.

This past week my daughter had a birthday and you know you have to have cake. I had a few bites and man it was like someone pounded me in the chest. I mean it hurt. I waited a while then took another bite. I was determined to eat this cake. After 30 minutes I think i had eaten 5 bites and then threw the rest in the trash. I should have been elated that I threw cake in the trash, but instead I was heartbroken. Why because I couldn't finish the cake.

Since I am the one that normally eats all the sweets, the cake stayed in the house for almost a week. Over the course of the week I ate 4 slices. I don't think that is that bad. I mean yes I ate 4 slices over the course of the week, but compared to what I would normally eat 4 is like nothing. I guess cake is sort of like bread in how it is so painful to eat, which is a good thing.

I had some egg noodles with soy meatballs and let me tell you I really didn't love them. I know they are a lot better for you but not so good in the tast factor. Well after about 10 minutes of eating I could tell I ate too much. I had 4 meatballs and about 1/2 cup of noodles, and I was done. I ran in the bathroom and it wasn''t even like spit this time. It was just water. I mean not to be graphic, but i opened my mouth and water, not slime or spit, just came out. This continued for about 5 minutes and then I burped. And off I went to get my toes done.

It still is amazing that with all this restriction I am still stalling on the weight front. I know I need to exercise but man is it hot here! School starts back up in two weeks, I am going to need to carve out a time to exercise or else it will never get done.

I bought a pair of white pants from Kmart the other day. Size 18's becuase the thighs looked so small on the 16's. They need to get hemmed but I like them. I haven't worn white pants in I can't tell you how long. Now I just need some cute shoes.

I tried to find the clothing swap on Lap Band Talk and had no luck. If someone has the link can you link it?

I have size 22's, and I am looking for size 16's.


  1. I know what you mean about the heat! I am in Alabama, and it is too miserable to even think about going outside and walking during the day.

  2. This too shall pass...we we all get the plateau blues, you will make it through. You are doing awesome, don't let this plateau negate the wonderful work you've done thus far! :)

  3. Hang in there. What is it about the 200-ish zone that makes so many of us plateau? That's where I inevitably get stuck too, every single time I lose weight.

    I'd say try turkey meatballs. They aren't as low in fat as the soy, but taste way better. There are a few faux meat products out there that are pretty good, but they are few and far between, IMO. You know how I knew that soy hot dogs really were as nasty as I perceived them to be?? My dogs wouldn't even eat them -- and they eat ANYTHING.

    Costco has some tasty turkey meatballs, and I'll bet you could find them in other stores too. It would have been the noodles doing me in, pasta has not been my friend the couple of bites of it that I've had.

    And I feel ya on that cake. I can forgo most sweets easy, but there's just something about birthday cake.......... ;)

  4. Regarding the clothes swap, why don't you join the Sisterhood of Traveling Clothes? Just make a post with pictures of what you have, ask people to let you know what they want, then you can send them the items. Also, check out others' blogs to see what items they have, and claim what you'd like.

  5. When I say make a post, I mean on your blog. Not on LBT. Wasn't sure if my statement was very clear, since it is Friday afternoon and my brain is starting to shut down! :0)